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Name:Jenn "Tifa"

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access, air gear, albums, all ends, animorphs, aqua, axel rudi pell, axxis, back to the future, basil of baker street, bon jovi, cats, cds, chocolate, chrono trigger, cid highwind, country music, crush 40, dana scully, darren hayes, daughtry, def leppard, dick francis, disney, disturbed, dr. pepper, dreamwidth, driving, earthbound, figurines, final fantasy iv, final fantasy ix, final fantasy mystic quest, final fantasy vii, firefox, fox mulder, friends, garth brooks, germany, gimp, grease, hardline, headphones, homeward bound, illusion of gaia, j-e-n-o-v-a, jack blades, jade curtiss, japan, jeff gordon, jeff scott soto, jet the hawk, john grisham, johnny gioeli, jun senoue, keychains, kim kyung ho, kingdom hearts, kittens, korea,, legend of mana, legend of zelda, linkin park, lion king, livejournal, love, lucas, maroon 5, metal, metal-rock, michael jackson, mika, miles tails prower, mother 3, music, music stores, mötley crüe, nascar, ness, night ranger, nintendo ds, nintendo wii, pepsi, pins, pizza, plushies, ps2, ps3, psp, rain, rock n' roll, role-playing, roxas, savage garden, scorpions, shadow the hedgehog, shinedown, sid halley, skittles, sleep, snow, sonadow, sonic the hedgehog, sons of angels, sontails, sora, south park, squeenix, stephen king, taco bell, tales of the abyss, the great mouse detective, the x-files, tifa lockhart, tom and jerry, twitter, vanilla ninja, video games, w.e.t., walking, we are smug, work of art, writing, yen, zidane tribal, zidane/dagger, zune, , , , 김경호
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